Advance Orders

Here is our collection of breads and pastries that are available for advance orders. Many have enjoyed these in our store. And now, we're making them available to you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 

Since we make these fresh for you, please give us at least 3 days to prepare them and we'll let you know when they're ready! 

To place your orders, email us at Don't forget to leave us your email address or phone number! 

Pandesal Sliders (dozen): These are our mini versions of the classic Pandesal. They're great for those quick bites on the go. Just add butter and your favourite jam and voila, instant snack! They're perfect for mini burgers or pulled meat sandwiches. On your next party, grab a few dozens to make those juicy appetizers! 4.00
Big Pandesal Buns (bag of 6): The classic Pandesal supersized! Our Big Pandesal series is great for those meaty patties, enveloping them in our breads' signature soft sweetness. Beef, chicken, or pork, these buns enhance any meat flavour. Top them off with your favourite greens and tomatoes with a side of fries and you have a delicious meal! Larger buns, same signature taste!  5.00
Sylvanas (dozen): Sylvana is a more portable, simplified version of sans rival, two cashew-meringue wafers around a slab of buttercream. We took this a step further by infusing new flavours in our buttercream. Currently, we have three flavours: classic cashew, ube (purple yam), and buko pandan (coconut-pandan).  27.00
Special Blends: Our Baraco and Benguet beans are available in 300g bags. Grab one and enjoy that PandeJoe fresh coffee feeling in the comfort of your own home. If you prefer dark-roasted espresso or drip coffee, then we recommend Baraco. For that medium-roasted taste of mountain coffee, the Benguet is the one for you!

Baraco 10.99

Benguet 11.99

Coconut Macaroons (dozen): Our macaroon is a delightful bite-sized ball filled with shredded coconut from the Philippines. We kept that authentic flavour and served it in a mini-cupcake form with a cranberry topping. 6.00
Ube Flan (dozen): A decadent dessert of ube (purple yam) mini cake topped with creamy leche flan. 39.00