All Day Breakfast Menu

All our sandwiches use our signature Pandesal burger buns to balance the savoury taste of our fillings with the light sweetness of our store-baked bread.

Italian Twist: prosciutto, salami, pepperoni with house-made mayo mustard dressing 6.00
Breakfast Sandwich: breakfast sausage and over-easy egg served with a cup of Benguet coffee 5.50
Tuna Melt: pacific tuna and cheese with sides of vegetables and potato chips  5.50
Chicken Salad: chicken salad with a side of carrots, cucumber and celery 5.50
Classic Ham and Cheese: honey ham and cheddar with chipotle dressing, fresh greens, cucumber, and a side of potato chips 5.00
Savoury Egg: egg salad with a side of cucumber, carrot sticks, and red onions 4.50

 Our light and fluffy pancakes are made with our own house-made batter.

Breakfast Pancakes: three pancakes, three breakfast sausages, whipped butter and pancake syrup with fresh fruits 7.90
Banana & Strawberry Pancakes: three pancakes filled with banana and strawberries, whipped butter and pancake syrup 7.50
Blueberry Pancakes: three blueberry pancakes, whipped cream, whipped butter and pancake syrup with fresh blueberries on the side 6.50
Just Pancakes: three pancakes, whipped butter and pancake syrup with fresh fruits on the side 6.00