Our Coffee

The Philippines has been a coffee-producing nation since the 18th century and at its peak, became the fourth largest producer in the world. Coffee production has since declined and the Philippines sits as the 110th producer in terms of output. However, it is one of a handful of countries that produce all the four main varieties: Arabica; Liberica; Robusta; and Excelsa.

Over the past few years, there has been a revival of the industry with local coffee houses competing head to head with multinationals. Although gaining good traction, these are still  enough to regain the country’s original place as a top coffee producer. We aim to be part of this movement to spread the awareness of the unique taste and quality of Philippine coffee.

At PandeJoe, we serve two Philippine coffee varieties - Barako or Baraco and Benguet.


This is the most iconic coffee variety from the Philippines using Liberica beans. Barako is grown in the coastal provinces of Batangas and Cavite. Its rich taste is said to be far superior to Robusta.

We use dark-roasted Baraco for our espresso menu.


Further north in rugged Cordillera mountains, coffee farmers in the province of Benguet grow the Arabica variety. The region is about 1,600 meters above sea level thus gets enough moisture and cloud cover to produce richly flavoured beans. The coffee trees grow amid lush pine forests.

This variety has been identified by Slow Food’s Ark of Taste as an endangered food product. This program raises awareness on small-scale food production and urges people to protect them through either consumption or by directly helping their producers.

We use Benguet mainly for our store brews.